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476 Visa from Pakistan

If your University Program comes under Washington Accord, then you may be eligible to apply for 476 Visa from Pakistan.

What is 476 Visa?

476 Visa is a 18 months Visa for Australia. Graduates of Engineering Universities from Pakistan are eligible to apply for 476 Visa. 476 Visa Holders can work, study or do what they like during these 18 months.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for 476 Visa

- Engineering Degree (which comes under Washington Accord) completed in last 2 years

- IELTS Overall score of 6 with no Band less than 5 (or PTE overall Score of 50 with no band less than 36)

- Age less than 31 Years at time of Visa Lodgment

- Valid Passport

Cost of 476 Visa

Usually following cost is involved in 476 visa application:

- Visa Application Fee (AUD $405)

- Medical and Biometrics Fee

- Consultant Fee

Job Opportunities in Australia for 476 Visa Holders

Finding a Engineering job in Australia requires patience and determination. When you go 1st time in Australia, you will not find an Engineering job straight away. It takes 3-6 months to find an Engineering job in Australia. In the start, Engineers can do small part time jobs like working in warehouses, working as labour on construction sites or working in different shopping malls. These part time jobs can easily be found in Australia and pay at-least $19.84/hour.

How to increase Job Chances in Australia as an Engineer?

If you are in Australia, you can increase your job chances by doing following:

- Complete a Professional Year Study Program in Australia.

- Start working as an internee engineer.

- Search and learn new Engineering softwares in your field.

- Networking is very important in Australia. Join industry events and network with other fellow Engineers.

- Join industry groups and attend seminars.

- Get higher Education in Australia.

Still havn't Lodged your 476 Visa for Australia?

If your degree comes under Washington Accord, then apply for 476 visa ASAP to avail Experience and Exposure Australia has to offer.

Let Opicka Consultant help you in submitting your 476 Visa.

Why Choose Opicka Consultant?

- As per our new promo, we charge our consultancy fee after you get your 476 visa. No need to pay in advance.

- Get help not in Pakistan but also in Australia. Our Sydney branch helps you if you are interested in Australian PR.

- #TeamOpicka has lodged more than 150 visas with 100% success rate. Be part of our success stories.

- If your visa is refused for any reason, we refund your visa, medical and biometrics fee.

Need more information?

Visit our office in Lahore. Our office address is:

1st Floor (Ghuman Plaza), Noon Avenue Road, Muslim Town, Lahore (Please google Opicka Consultant Pakistan for exact address).


Monday - Friday (9.30am - 5.30pm)

Saturday - (9.30am - 2.30pm)

Or call our Lahore office on 03095553763.

See you Soon.............................................

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