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Avoid Dodgy Education Consultants in Australia

Many students who come to Australia to study, their dream is to get Australian Permanent Residency (PR) and Australian Citizenship.

Australia is a beautiful country with good health care system, stable political system, job and business opportunities and good lifestyle. No-wonder, people wants to stay in Australia once they finish their studies.

Getting Australian Residence is not easy. It's a long and lengthy process. It depends what you study, how long was your studies, where did you study, your English proficiency and many other things.

The base of Australian PR is studies. If your foundations are strong, building will be stable. Point I want to make is that you have to study a course which is required in Australian society in the future. There are thousands of accountants, IT workers, MBA/MPA degree holders in Australia who can't get PR because these skills are not in demand in Australia.

Whereas people who are studying courses like Engineering, Social Works, Nursing, Motor Mechanics will get PR easily. Reason is that Australia needs these skills.

But unfortunately there are many dodgy Education Agents who play with the future of the students and send them to courses where agents are getting maximum commission. Each student a agent referred to University, increases the commission of the agent.

My advice to you is simple. When you go to Education Agent to get admission in University or change course, ask him questions such as:

- How this course help me in getting PR?

- What's the criteria to get PR, If I do this course?

- How many students do these courses every year and how many get PR after their courses?

As a student you have to save your energy, time and money. By doing courses which will not help you in getting PR are useless for you. See a reputable Education Agent who can advise you from Course Selection to getting you your PR.

Stay blessed guys.

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