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How to Get Protector Stamp for 476 Visa

You can get protector stamp from Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment (BEOE). Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment has offices in

- Karachi

- Rawalpindi

- Peshawar

- Lahore

- Quetta

- Multan

- Malakand

- DG Khan

- Sialkot

Their exact office addresses can be found from following website:

Challan collection hours are from 8 am to 12 pm, giving you flexibility to visit during that time frame.

Required Documents:

1. Visa Grant letter (1 copy - all 3 pages)

2. Police Certificate (1 copy)

3. Passport (1 copy)

4. CNIC (1 copy)

5. Father's CNIC (1 copy)

6. Bank details page (1 copy)

7. FRC (Family Registration Certificate)

8. E-stamp Affidavit (Obtain this outside the protector office, as it's mandatory. Specify it's for an open visa, they knew format.)

Total Fees:

- Fee for protector stamp: 9200 PKR (Avoid paying the fee in the office branch to skip long lines, pay at branches mentioned outside the office or pay 1000 PKR to an agent to avoid waiting)

- Affidavit cost: 700 PKR


1. Fill the Online Form

How to Fill the form?

Employment Details:

Job Title: Civil or Electrical or whatever Engineer You are

Job Trade: Engineer

Monthly Salary: Australian Dollar $3,000

Employer Name: N/A

Employer Address: N/A

Employer City: N/A

Employer Country: Australia

Employer Phone Number: N/A

Employer Email: Your Email Address

Contract Period (Yrs): 1.5 Years

Contract Period (Mth): 18 Months

Protectorate of Emigrant Office: Choose relevant office from Drop Down

Benefits: N/A

Emigrant Registration Details as per Passport and Visa:

Give your details here.

Nominee Details

Here you can give your Father, Mother or Brother details.

NBP Fee Details

Leave this section for online form

Total expenses Made By Emigrant

Here you can mentioned any amount (for example 2 lacs or 3 lacs)

2. Document Preparation:

- Gather all the required documents as listed above.

- Make sure to obtain the E-stamp Affidavit before visiting the office to avoid any inconvenience.

3. Fee Payment

- Proceed to Window No. 3 for document verification.

- After document verification, obtain the challan form from Window No. 3.

- Pay the required fees as previously mentioned.

4. Insurance Slips

- After fee payment, visit Window No. 4.

- Present your pay slip and documents.

- Receive the necessary insurance slips.

5. Form Printing

- Proceed to Window No. 5 to print the form after biometric verification.

- Ensure you've filled the online form before visiting the office. (

- Save the PIN number and write it on top of your challan form.

6. Submission

- Submit all the forms and your passport at Window No. 6.

7. Collection

- You can collect your stamped passport at 3 pm.

P.S. Fee and charges may vary from office to office.

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