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Introduction about 476 Visa

Introduction about 476 Visa

If you are an Engineer and want to move Australia on 476 visa, there are few requirements you have to fulfill to follow to reach your dream destination for example Degree affiliation, Age factor, Study gap, and language proficiency tests.

Not sure about the exact requirements? Read this blog post and you will have basic idea. This blog will make you familiar with 476 Visa including information about documents, age limit, degree affiliation, expenses on visa, time to stay and language requirements.

What is 476 Visa?

476 visa is a Temporary Graduate visa which allows you to Visit, Work and Study in Australia for the duration of 18 months. On this visa an engineer can study in Australia, can visit Australia and can do any work in Australia.

Who is Eligible for this Visa?

476 visa is only for engineers whose degrees, departments, batches and universities are affiliated to Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and accredited by Washington Accord.

What is the Duration of 476 Visa?

476 visa is 18 months in duration. This visa allows an engineer to spend 18 months in Australia.

What are the requirements for Engineers?

- Age

The age requirements for engineers who are eligible for this visa is below 31.

- Gap

Those engineers are eligible whose gap after bachelor’s degree completion is less than 2 years. If your gap is 2 or more than 2 years you are not eligible for 476 visa.

- Language Proficiency Test

The most accepted language proficiency tests for this visa are IELTS, PTE and TOFEL.

The minimum score required for each test are:

IELTS – Over all 6.0 no band less than 5.0

PTE – Over all 50 no band less than 36

TOFEL – Total score 64 with 4 in listening and reading and at least 14 in writing and speaking

Processing Time for this Visa?

As of April 2023, processing time for this visa is 36-42 months. This time will change in the coming months and we are expecting that processing time will be 18-24 months by end of 2023.

What are the documents required for 476 Visa?

The basic documents for this visa are:

- Educational Degrees and Transcripts

- Language score

- Passport

- Police Clearance Certificate (Character Certificate)




- Birth Certificate

- PEC Card

What is the fee and other expenses for this Visa?

The application Fee for 476 Visa is AUD $425.

Other expenses are medical and Biometrics expenses. These expenses are roughly Rs. 40,000

Interested to Lodge your Visa through Opicka Consultant?

Opicka Consultant has expert team who have lodged 100’s of visas successfully. If you want to have free consultation to check your eligibility for 476 visa, you can visit our Lahore office or call us on following number:


Our Address is: 1st Floor (Mian Dil Muhammad Plaza), Noon Avenue, Muslim Town, Lahore (Please google Opicka Consultant – Pakistan for exact address)

Our Office Timings are:

10am - 6pm (Monday to Friday)

10am – 2.30pm (Saturday)

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