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Is online Nikkah acceptable for UK Student Dependent Visas?

Opicka Consultant is a specialized consultancy agency in Pakistan who have handled numerous UK visa cases where husband and wife conducted their Nikkah online.

The process is bit technical and Opicka Consultant has developed specialized skillset in handling online Nikkah cases.

Who can apply for Online Nikkah ?

Consider a student who is already in UK and studying either a Master degree program or PhD program. If he/she can't come back to Pakistan for Nikkah purpose for any reason, then there is an option of online Nikkah. This type of Nikkah is acceptable in Pakistan and can be registered with Pakistan Government.

Once the Nikkah is registered in Pakistan, then Opicka Consultant will arrange rest of documents and can lodge spouse visa (student dependent visa).

Documents Required for Online Nikkah

Following are the basic documents that are required for student dependent visa:

- Passport of Student

- Visa Sticker of Student

- BRP card of Student

- Passport of Spouse

- Nikahnama

- Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

- ID Card of Spouse

- TB Test of Spouse

- 28 Days Bank Statement (7,605 GBP for London and 6,120 GBP outside London)

For detailed list of documents, you can contact Opicka Consultant.

What are the expenses for Student Dependent Visa?

Applicant has to bear following expenses:

- Visa Fee - 363 GBP

- Insurance - Depends on Visa length. Normally from 0 GBP t0 705 GBP.

- Consultant Fee - 300 GBP

- TB Test - 11,000 PKR

Is IELTS required for Student Dependent Visa?

IELTS is not required for student dependent visa.

How Long Visa Processing Takes Places?

Visa processing generally takes places in 21 days.

What to do next if you want to Apply for UK Student dependent visa?

You can contact #TeamOpicka on following numbers or you can visit our office for more details:

0309- 5553761

0309- 5553763

Address: 1st Floor (Mian Dil Muhammad Plaza), Noon Avenue, Muslim Town, Lahore

Office Timings:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 2.30pm

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