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Interested in Permanent Residency? Study carpentry or cookery as a pathway to PR

How studying certain courses can be a pathway to PR (Permanent Residency) in Australia.

1- Check the occupations list

The first step before applying for any visa is to check the flagged occupations from Australian immigration’s website with a Migration Agent, the short-term skilled occupation list (STSOL), and the medium to long-term strategic skills list (MLTSSL). Those flagged occupations can be removed any time from the list. Occupations listed under medium to long-term will allow individuals who are taking up two-year courses to obtain a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa.

2- Study Commercial Cookery or Carpentry

If you study specific courses for a minimum of 92 weeks you could be eligible. For example you could choose a package of Certificate III and IV in commercial cookery, followed by a diploma in hospitality management. Or, a 2 years course of Certificate III in Carpentry or a 1 year course of carpentry followed by a diploma in building and construction (building) management.

3- Work while you study

International students in Australia are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight. This allows ample time to attend classes, complete the work and also gain experience working either working in their field or in an industry different to your own. It will accrue the number of working hours mandatory to apply for certain visas.

4- The Temporary Graduate Visa 485

In order to be eligible to apply for the 485 post study visa you must have completed a minimum of 92 weeks relevant study as well as a minimum of 360 hours of relevant work placement (most education providers will arrange this for you). With the 485 Temporary Graduate visa you can live and work in Australia for up to 18 months.

5- Participate in the Job Ready Program

When you have been granted the 485 visa you must work for at least 12 months (1,760 hours) in the field that you have just been qualified in. for example as a qualified chef or carpenter. Your employer will not need to sponsor your visa, as you will already be on the graduate visa (this will increase your chances of finding employment).

6- Apply for the skilled migration visas

Once you have completed the Job Ready Program in the job you have qualified in you will need to apply and receive a positive skills assessment.  If eligible, the general skilled migration visa does not require you to have an employer that is willing to sponsor you. You will need to garner 65 points or more under General Skilled Migration, to apply for the visa.

Study Commercial Cookery and Become a Chef

With a burgeoning scene Australia and especially Melbourne is in constant need of Chefs.  Because of this high demand, Commercial Cookery is an academic pathway that can eventually lead to obtaining permanent residency.

The minimum requirement to study Commercial Cookery is

5.5 overall in IELTS with no band less than 5

A minimum of Australian Year 11 schooling or equivalent completed

The full Commercial Cookery course includes:

Cert III in Commercial Cookery: 15 months course, which offers both theory and practical training and ending with a mandatory 10 weeks work placement as a trainee chef.

Cert IV in Commercial Cookery: 6 months course for the students who have completed Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. At the end of the course you fully capable of working independently as a chef.

Diploma of Hospitality Management: 6 months course for students who have completed the Certificate III and Certificate IV and want to enhance their skill in hospitality operations: budgeting, financial management, inventory control and operational planning.

After completion of Diploma of Hospitality Management, you may study Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

Study Construction and become a Carpenter

The carpentry industry might be your best choice to migrate to Australia, carpenters are eligible for all kind of PR (Permanent Residency) visa options. Trade jobs also have a high demand in Australia and you’ll get work very easily.

The minimum requirement to study Commercial Cookery is

Overall in IELTS with no band less than 5

A minimum of Australian Year 11 schooling or equivalent completed\

The full Construction and Carpentry course includes:

Certificate III in Carpentry: 12 months course which provides a trade outcome in carpentry, covering work in residential and commercial applications

Diploma in Building and Construction: 12 months course for the students who have completed the Certificate III. This qualification is designed to meet the needs of builders, including selecting contractors, overseeing the work and its quality, and liaising with clients.

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Permanent Residency

– Age: You have to be below 45 years old – Point’s Grid: you have to score a minimum of 65 points – English: you must secure a good score in English language test – Occupation: Your occupation has to be part of MLTSSL list – Skill criteria: Get your skills assessed based on work experience and education background – Health examination: Prove the authority that you have a good character and health

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