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Why Study PTE instead of IELTS?

PTE and IELTS are both acceptable tests for Study and Migration Purpose in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom (UK). Students and aspiring migrants are aware of IELTS as this is the oldest English Test available for Study and Migration Purpose in Western Countries from Pakistan.

PTE is a new computer based English Language testing system now available in Pakistan.

Here are some of the benefits of PTE English Language Test System in Pakistan:

- PTE preparation is easy compared to IELTS.

- It is easy to score good marks in PTE compared to IELTS.

- PTE is acceptable in All Australian, New Zealand and UK Universities.

- PTE is acceptable for Visa purpose in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

- PTE is cheaper compared to IELTS.

- Same day test results available on PTE testing system without any additional cost.

Here are Some of the cons of PTE:

- Not many certified teacher available in Pakistan for PTE preparation.

- Only 1 PTE testing center in Islamabad is available in Pakistan. Applicant has to go to Islamabad for PTE test.

Why Prepare PTE Course from Opicka Consultant?

- Opikca Consultant is PTE Certified training provider in Pakistan.

- Opicka Consultant has PTE Certified trainer.

- Opicka Consultant is offering introductory price of PKR 12,000 for full course preparation.

For enrolment in PTE classes, contact us on 03095553762 or 03095553762 or you can visit our Lahore office.

Address: 1st Floor (Ghuman Plaza), Noon Avenue Road, Muslim Town, Lahore

(Please google "Opicka Consultant - Pakistan" for exact address.

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